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Bristol Branch

4 September 2012

Have your say and tell us what you want from your TSSA Branch by filling in our survey on the following website:


What is a Branch?

The Bristol Branch is a forum for TSSA members in the Bristol area to:

  • discuss and share ideas
  • learn what is happening in yours and other workplaces
  • Learn what is happening in the wider trade union movement
  • Most importantly make decisions that will affect members not only on a local basis but shape how TSSA grows and develops nationally in the future.

Why are you asking my opinion?

You are the life blood of TSSA, we are asking your opinion because without knowing when and where you can meet and understanding what you are interested in hearing about and discussing when you attend a Union meeting we can’t tailor the meetings to suit you.

It may be that you are interested in talking about how we improve communications between members and those that negotiate for them or ensure representatives are more accountable. It could be that you are interested in how the Bristol Mayor position will affect you and especially Transport in the Bristol area. Not interested in any of these things? Then let us know what would interest you by completing the online survey below:

When do you need us to respond by?

The Survey will run until 25 September and at the end of that time the results will be collated by some of the representatives in the Branch who volunteered to make the Bristol branch a vibrant and active network for members in the Area. Please click on the link below and let us know your thoughts so that we can arrange a meeting in the coming months:

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