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Brown Is Green Light To Rail Firms To Print Money

10 January 2013

The review commissioned by the Department for Transport into rail franchising in the aftermath of the West Coast fiasco has concluded there is “no credible case for major structural change”.

In response, Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA rail union, said:

"The Brown Report is simply the green light for the train operators to carry on printing money at the passengers expense.

"The current system is broken but both he and the Secretary of State want to carry on regardless. Rail fares have doubled since the Tories voted to privatise rail 20 years ago and this report means they will carry on rising above the rate of inflation for the next decade as well.

"Jesse James said he robbed banks because that was where the cash was. Well the rail firms have the same view of their passengers; they rob them because that is where the cash is."

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