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BTP 2010 pay review for Red book and PSG

17 February 2011

Following the Forces' update on 2010 pay negotiations for staff on the Red Book and PSG contracts, TSSA can confirm to its members that the offer made was 0.5% non consolidated. In real terms this means a one off payment which is non-pensionable.

The Force has made it clear that this is their final offer and that they need a response from TSSA as soon as possible as the funding may not be available after this financial year.

Whilst it is acknowledged that these are financially difficult times this offer is well below the pay rise offered to police officers last year and also the agreed 3% increment in scale for those on the EPS contract who reach a competent rating in their PDR this year.

For the last couple of years this Force has seen its police staff’s standard of living drop with pay offers below the cost of living rises. They have continuously advised that, in these difficult times, there is no more money in the ‘pot’ or claiming they “want more for less”. This, however, does not appear to apply to the ranks of Chief Inspectors and above who have just been offered a very favourable Voluntary Severance Scheme.

TSSA are currently taking legal advice into aspects of concern generated by this offer. It is important to bear in mind that there is no legal recourse to a pay increase under British legislation. However, we are exploring the inequality of the situation. Whilst there is a possibility that there is no legal challenge to this particular issue, we now have to respond to the offer made by the Force.

We have therefore attached a referendum paper for you to either accept or reject the offer. If the offer is overwhelmingly rejected, we will be asking you to consider taking some form of action to demonstrate your strength of feeling on this issue to BTP.

Please share any views you have on this issue with Joanne Wild (collar number 5010) Company Council rep in the North West by Wednesday 23 February 2011. Her email address is

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