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Budget announcement for Crossrail 2

16 March 2016

Manuel Cortes makes the case for running Crossrail 2 in the the interests of passengers through public funding.

TSSA leader, Manuel Cortes commented:

"The Chancellor shows a promising grasp of good economics in stressing the importance of expanding the railways as the lodestar of national infrastructure programmes today. But his early promise evaporated when he failed to show any interest in running a railway in the interests of passengers or the taxpayer.

"Cross Rail 2 will begin the task of a much needed upgrade of the rail network in South East and London in particular, so it is finally fit for the 20th century. However, it will be paid for by public funds and like Cross Rail 1, run by privateers in the interests of their shareholders.

"We needs long term strategic rail planning with the building of new suburban and commuter lines across Britain - not just the passenger-laden, profit-rich South East - and only public investment can guarantee this." 

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