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Bully Boy rail bosses drove bonuses ahead of safety

4 April 2012

Bully Boy bosses at Network Rail compromised safety in their pursuit of six figure annual bonuses, the TSSA rail union said today.

They ignored repeated warnings at Grayrigg over safety failings in the maintenance programme as they pursued targets which delivered them huge annual bonuses of £250,000, said union general secretary Manuel Cortes.

"This accident was entirely preventable, as the court case made very clear. Our members were placed under intolerable pressure by senior bosses in NR who were more interested in collecting their huge bonuses than focusing entirely on running a safe railway.

"Tragically, we heard a similar story last month when NR were fined £1 million over another preventable accident in Essex when two school girls were killed on an unsafe level crossing at Elsenham in 2005.

"Fortunately, the people who ran this bully boy regime, Iain Coucher, former chief executive and Peter Bennett, former HR director, have now left the company and we have a new management team in place.

"But we must learn the lesson. Bonus payments must never be linked with safety targets. NR is a publicly funded organisation whose main task is to run a safe public railway.

"The "get rich quick" bonus culture has no place in that task."

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