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Bus Eireann cost cutting

17 January 2017

We are disappointed in the letter issued to staff by the company with so called saving proposals. Yet again the company sees the solution as targeting staff terms and conditions and work practises. This is short sighted and just continues to ignore the real issues of underfunding by the government in essential public transport service.


A strategy of attacking staff terms and conditions to subsidise the shortfall in proper funding is only going to further sour industrial relations.

It is further concerning that these measures were proposed without any consultation with the trade unions. We have at all stages informed the company that we are prepared to sit down in the appropriate forum to discuss and look for solutions to the issues faced by the company.

We have had no commitment from the company that they will not look to implement any changes to staff terms and conditions unless it is via agreement. It is now important that we ballot members for industrial action. This ballot will give us the mandate to take action if the company attempts to make any cuts to your pay or slash your terms and conditions outside the accepted industrial relations process.

Once again issues faced by Bus Eireann are ones that cannot be solved by simply targeting your terms and conditions. It requires the Department of Transport, NTA and the company engage directly with the trade unions around the issues facing the company in the interests of the workers and the travelling public, particularly in rural Ireland where Bus Eireann provides such an essential service. The company would be better served engaging the Department and NTA rather than going after staff.

We will keep members updated as we progress.

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