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Bus √Čireann - Inspector Grade Ballot Result

1 September 2011

The following is the result of the Inspector Grade ballot in regard to theBus √Čireann 'Cost Recovery Plan'.

  • Total YES vote for acceptance of the plan 52%
  • Total NO vote rejecting the plan 48%
  • Total invalid votes NIL
  • Total votes received 90%

Therefore TSSA will inform the company in writing of the acceptance of the proposed “Cost Recovery Plan” by TSSA Inspector grades.

Any transfer of duties (duties that are deemed/ considered under normal custom and practice non-inspector grade duties) must be negotiated locally and if agreed, must be signed off by both parties in writing, and forwarded to this office. TSSA must be informed of all (local) negotiated agreements in writing.

Please take note any transfer of clerical duties must be negotiated locally, if no agreement can be achieved at local level, the matter will be negotiated at central level.


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