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Bus Eireann LRC update May 22

24 May 2013

TSSA has today issued ballots to all members. Please contact this office or call the TSSA helpdesk at Freephone 1800-805-272 if you do not receive a ballot at your preferred address by Friday 24 May

Inside the ballot correspondence will be a cover letter, prepaid envelope, ballot paper, copy of the May 16th Labour Relations Commission recommendations.

TSSA urge all members to read the material carefully as the information is crucial for members to be able to make an important decision on what has been proposed by the Labour Relations Commission.

TSSA view the proposals as unjust to many members, particularly in the lower and mid-range of the clerical and executive grades. For example:

Grade B Step Back Bi-Weekly Loss SO1 Step Back Bi-Weekly Loss
    Year 5 €66.72 Year 2 €75.05
    Year 6 €66.68    
    Year 7 €66.70    
    Year 8 €66.71    
    Year 9 €70.88    
    Year 10 €69.22    

Including 4 days uncertified illness reduced to 3
Increase in working week 36 hours to 37
Loss of 2 days annual leave. Plus new overtime rates as per LRC

Executive Grade Annual Loss
Executive 3 scale 4 1,162.35 including 4 days cert to 3 days
Executive 4 scale 3 1,354.03 36-39 hours per week
Executive 5 scale 5 1,349.93 3 days annual leave loss 2013/2014

The above is just a snap shot of how the Labour Court Recommendations if accepted would impact on some members, this is not the full effect of the Commission’s recommendations on all members or grades. Members are again reminded that these are the proposals from the Commission not an agreement of this union. The CEO of Bus Eireann however is prepared to do his bit for the company and is willing to take a €5000.00 cut in his €189,000 salary!

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