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Bus Eireann staff ballotted on industrial action

19 January 2017

TSSA is balloting it's members at Bus Eireann on industrial action, including strike action, after the company failed to give assurances it will preserve jobs and maintain employee terms and conditions as it seeks to deal with an anticipated €7million loss this year

Ballot papers will be sent out tonight (Thurs) to TSSA's 150 clerical supervisory and management grades staff within Bus Eireann's office and administration teams.

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes is also seeking an urgent meeting with Irish Transport Minister, Shane Ross to press him to take control of the Bus Eireann crisis and is urging him take the semi-public company into full public control.

Said Mr Cortes, "Bus Eireann's threats of attack on it's own work force is the opposite of good industrial relations - you don't attack the very people you need to to help you sustain business. Attacking staff wont help them turn the company round, but if Shane Ross steps in on behalf of the government and says they will underwrite the €7million hole he can provide the lifeline that the company needs.

"But taking the semi-public company into full public control would be the really smart move here as it would assure not just jobs and terms and conditions but it would assure the people of Ireland that their government is committed to a smart transport mobility network.

"Bus Eireann is a vital part of Ireland's social and economic network so, allowing this company to fail will in the long run cost the government more because Ireland will go backwards in terms of its transport connectivity not forwards. And public buses are key components of any viable transport network and bus workers are therefore key public workers.

"Yet Bus Eireann workers haven't had a pay rise in over eight years. and shouldn't be further punished for a company that cannot balance it's book. The government cannot turn a blind eye. It must intervene - as it did at Dublin Bus - and secure Bus Eireann's future by taking it back into full public ownership if necessary.

"I'm asking Shane Ross to pick up the phone to me today and schedule a meeting as soon as possible to prevent the company turning on it's workforce. But I warn him too that we are not standing by whilst he allows our bus workers to be attacked attacked yet again. Our members will be ballotted for industrial action up to and including strike action, because robbing them of their pensions and terms and conditions is simply not a just and fair way to reward them for their public service."



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