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Bus √Čireann Strike reaches Day 14

6 April 2017

As rural Ireland faces it 14th day without a bus service, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, says the company must up their game at the second day of resumed talks at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).

Said Cortes: "It is not my usual practice to give a running commentary on WRC talks, but this is not a usual situation and the Company really must start negotiating. The voluntary severance deals they offered - and then withdrew - three weeks ago, would be a good starting point for today's talks.

"Our members in Ireland now hold the record for the longest (consecutive day) strike in our union's 120 year history. The last long strike we engaged in was the General Strike in Britain in 1926. So presiding over a worse industrial relations record than the British government in 1926 behoves neither the company nor the Irish government well.

"If the company allow a breakthrough today, buses could be running again by the weekend, if not, rural Ireland faces a third week tomorrow (Fri) without a bus service and further economic and reputational damage will be done to any notion of modern Ireland by a company choosing class war with its workers over keeping the wheels of the Irish economy working for everyone."

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