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Bus Eireann talks end without a deal

21 February 2017

Following talks at the Worker Relations Commission with Bus Eireann today, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

"It appears that Bus Eireann has just gone through the motions over the last three days and frankly never had any intention of negotiating with unions in good faith.

"Their management, if you can call them that, haven't got a clue about their business. They told us they wanted to close two garages but could only name one. They said they wanted introduce a nightshift in some garages, but couldn't tell us which garages Their attempts at negotiations were a farce whose aim was not to make an agreement possible.

"Sadly, it's passengers and our members who will pay the very heavy price for their spectacular managerial failings. Transport Minister Shane Ross must now come out of hiding and take control of finding a resolution to this dispute as Ireland's passengers can no longer afford, and will to forgive, his current blatant inaction."

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