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Bus Eireann template letter to politicians

28 February 2017

Today we have notified the company that we have reactivated our notice of industrial action for Monday 6 March 2017. TSSA members are called to engage in all out strike if the company carries out the cuts threatened in the letter issued 27 February 2017.

It is clear from the tone of the letter that this is only the beginning of planned cuts to jobs, terms and conditions. It is crucial we make a stand now. We believe that plans for the clerical, inspector/supervisory and executive grades with result in a severe cut to take home pay, increased workloads and job losses.

The behaviour of the company is in complete opposition of the views of staff, the travelling public and most politicians. The cutting of services attacks the very essence of what Bus Eireann is, a vital public service to Irish society.

TSSA as a trade union has always been ready to engage in talks that are genuine and meaningful to find a resolution. However it appears that the real goal of the company is completely destroy Bus Eireann as a crucial provider of an essential public service. The time has come for the minister to take a hands on approach and intervene before we seen the wholesale dismantling of Bus Eireann.

We encourage members to write to and lobby local politicians. Attached is a template letter for members to use as a guide to send to your local politicians, add and amend as you see fit. It is now time that politicians recognise and engage in standing up for the vital public service you provide, especially for rural Ireland.

  Bus Eireann template letter to politicians

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