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Bus Eireann update, 4th September

4 September 2012

As per the last correspondence from this office, informing members, that both TSSA and SIPTU had been contacted by the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) and that the LRC would intervene directly in the discussions between the Unions and the company as it appeared that the parties were heading towards an industrial dispute.

The LRC had requested the company suspend the introduction of the changes to allow the LRC to engage with all parties with a view to avoiding a dispute. The company and the Unions met 03/09/2012 under the auspices’ of the LRC and chaired by a LRC senior official.

The chair met with the parties and after discussions and deliberations the company decided to withdraw to reflect on the current situation.

The company assured the chair that they would write to all Unions outlining the outcome of their contemplations. The chair confirmed that the LRC would be available to all parties moving forward and requested that all correspondence regarding this issue would be forwarded to his office.

The Unions pointed out during the discussions that they could not and would not act under any duress from the company, and would as per custom and good industrial practice keep all lines of communications open in an effort to move the process forward.

As stated in previous correspondence from this office the common practice of “Status quo” is still in place, and would advise all members that the current work practice including local custom and practice will also remain in place, until a resolution is agreed by the membership and the company.

Until the company forward both the LRC and the Unions the outcome of their deliberations and suggestions, we ask members to try and limit their opinion on “what might be the position of the company” as such comments and conversations within the workplace, tends to upset members and their families and could stir up media curiosity, which this office would like to point out could lead to a media and public debate, which at this time would not suit any of the parties concerned.  

There will be a meeting of the Ireland East Branch, Thursday 6 September, at 6:00pm in the Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square, Dublin 1
Updates on the ongoing negotiations concerning Bus Eireann, Dublin Bus, and recent events regarding Irish Rail will be discussed; also in attendance will be the Irish Chairperson, Gerry Kennedy.

Other meetings as per above are planned for this month around various locations and the final date and venues will be announced shortly, the intention of the Chairperson is to meet TSSA members and representatives.

TSSA will update the membership on any new developments on this issue going forward.

Jim Kavanagh


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