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Bus Eireann Update from LRC

14 January 2013

TSSA the company and all other unions met Friday 11 January, at the Labour Relations Commissioners office. After lengthy discussions late into Friday evening, it was agreed that the current dispute would be referred to the Labour court. The company has agreed to withdrawn the letter of the 14th December and all unions agreed to suspend all “INDUSTRIAL ACTION PLANNED FOR NEXT WEEK”.


TSSA and SIPTU will submit a joint submission on behalf of clerical, supervisory, and executive grades to the labour court. The submission will be of one referral, will also include drivers. All unions will have an opportunity to hold separate (sidebar submissions), for individual grades (if they wish).

TSSA has got reports from around the company that meetings were held while talks were on going yesterday regarding back up plans for certain grades, in the event of industrial action. TSSA regard this as company (dirty tricks) and a device to divide the members of all grades. The present terms, wages and conditions enjoyed by all members were hard fought for, by TSSA and other unions, and were not given out of kindness by the company; all members fought for the present conditions and had to pay in flexibility and erosion of some kind of their conditions.

TSSA recognise some members may find themselves in a quandary in event of industrial action, and will be issuing advice to all members concerning this issue.

TSSA advise members that the TSSA helpdesk, the Irish office will answer all enquires, a personal cell phone number has also been given out to the members in recent updates, this cell phone number can also be used by all members for advice.

TSSA wish to thank your local representatives and members in all locations for their help during the discussions yesterday, TSSA wish to thank your national negotiation team for their excellent skills, support, and advice given to the full time official during the talks yesterday.

All members will receive updates as this process continues and TSSA again remind all members, this may be only the start of a long drawn out process considering the company stance over the last 9 months.

During this process, members will continue their normal duties and will not take on any additional work without first contacting TSSA as any changes during the labour court hearing may have a knock on effect to the court decision.

TSSA requests that members inform their family members and friends that no industrial action will take place next week, and particularly any elderly folk living within your community who may not have seen media and news reports.

TSSA again ask all members to stay as one at this period of time, and support your co-worker were necessary, as by doing so shows solidarity and strength to the company, media and the public at large.

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