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Bus √Čireann Business recovery plan meeting

6 June 2012

At this time all employees of Bus √Čireann should have a copy of the proposals for further cost savings going forward. Your negotiation team met Tuesday 5th to discuss a plan to deliver, factual and timely updates to the membership if any process develops, (a process of negotiation can only develop by consensus of the membership).

A power point presentation was delivered by the company followed by the handing out of a document titled “Business Recovery Plan”. Questions and clarification followed in which it was apparent that the proposals within the document were lacking cohesion and coherence.
Clarification on all proposals was again requested in which the company replied that clarification would be given on request from the Broadstone I/R department.
TSSA enquired if the document had been released to all staff members within the company, the company replied that all staff members had received the document this morning before full time officials and union representatives.
TSSA pointed out the manner and the total lack of respect in which the company handed the matter (traditionally the company and unions met before any release of information to the respective members and the unions would then distribute the information out to the membership)
The negotiation team at this stage cannot give any comment without clear clarification on all proposals from the company. The negotiations team will meet when clarifications have been received at this office.
TSSA in the interim will be appealing for members to give confidential feedback to your negotiation team.

The following is the negotiation team for TSSA grades:
Representatives’ Clerical grades
Ursula Hickey - Dublin and the greater Dublin area, (Eastern Region)
Aidan Daly –Limerick, Galway, Sligo (Western Region)
Stephen Kelly - Border Area including Drogheda, Dundalk, Donegal
Representative Inspector/supervisory grades
Eamonn Daly – Inspector/Supervisory grades all areas, including information regarding clerical grades Cork City (Greater Southern Region)
The Executive grades will also be included in the process and will have representative/representatives; the respective representative/representatives will be announced shortly.




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