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Bus √Čireann strike update - day 20

12 April 2017

As Bus √Čireann workers return to picket lines for the 20th consecutive day, Ireland's Labour Court will take more evidence today before issuing it's judgment on the dispute.

Said TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes,

"We await the outcome of the Labour Court's decision, but make no mistake, a return to work will not restore trust or confidence in Bus Éireann bosses who have turned a company crisis into a national catastrophe,

"They have locked their workers out for nearly three weeks rather than reach an agreement with them at any stage before or during the dispute. They have reneged on their public service obligation to provide buses and left passengers in rural Ireland stranded for the last three weeks. They have lost their own company €500,000 a day, damaged the rural economy and, by handing their private competitors their share of bus routes for three weeks, they have allowed the privateers to make in-roads into their market share.

"Then they rejected their own worker's rescue plan with €18 million in savings - more than double that which they said they were looking for three weeks ago and so, a dispute that could have - and should have - been settled long ago is now at the industrial court of last resort.

"Bus Éireann bosses have driven us nowhere in the last three weeks. They have shown us how not to run a company, how not to treat a workforce and how not to treat passengers. Transport Minister Shane Ross and Taoiseach Enda Kenny should hang their heads in shame that in the modern Ireland they have allowed sweat-shop industrial relations to pervade our public services. I salute our bus workers for defending the principle of public service that these politicians and Bus Éireann bosses are determined to crucify."

The Labour Court sits today at 10.30am.

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