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Business Recovery Plan meeting, 21 August

21 August 2012

A meeting was held in Broadstone yesterday 21/08/2012 concerning Bus √Čireann¬ís Business Recovery Plan.

Both unions expressed their views on all proposals from the company and gave the company counter proposals.

Management has indicated that a change in the standard workweek (36 hour to a 39 hour workweek) would be initiated 31/08/2012.

Both unions protested that this would be in breach of the current contract and that this action was illegal, as it would also if fact, lead to a cut in wages breaching the “Payment of Wages Act” 1991.

Both unions also pointed out that from the onset on these negotiations that both unions would only enter talks on the basis that core pay and conditions would not be on the table for discussion.

TSSA members should be aware that they have an agreed contract in place at present, and any change to the terms and conditions of that contract must be negotiated and ballot upon, until a change is balloted upon, and agreed by the membership, the present terms and conditions remain. 

The company will respond in writing to both unions regarding the unions counter proposals this week.

TSSA will update the membership on the current talks as they progress, and would again remind members to adhere to their present contract, if any member is instructed to act outside the present contract, please contact this office immediately.


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