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C.I.E Welfare Scheme : update

21 January 2014

We have received correspondence from the CIE Group informing us that payment of the social welfare equivalent will be increased from three to six days for a 3 month period while discussions take place between the trade unions and the CIE group.

The previous position from the CIE group was that as a result of changes announced in the Exchequer budget of October, 2013 that the Department of social protection would increase the number of waiting days for entitlement to illness benefit from three days to six days with effect from 6th January, 2014. Class A PRSI contributors would therefore not be entitled to illness benefit payment from the Department for the first six days of any period of incapacity for work.

CIE advised us that the CIE group of companies would continue their policy of paying for the first three days of sick leave but would not pay the social welfare equivalent for the additional days concerned where applicable.

As indicated in our earlier circular CIE previous position was a major concern for this and the other trade unions. We viewed this as a fundamental breach of the CIE welfare scheme. It would mean you would have gone the 4th, 5th & 6th day without any payment if a class A PSRI contributor.

Although we welcome the decision to ensure you receive your entitlements for the three month negotiation period we also believe that these entitlements should continue after the three month period. Members have already through the various cost containment agreements taken hits to their terms and conditions not to mention the impact of the ongoing austerity budgets.



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