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C2C Frontline Staffing Review

2 August 2019

Our concerns are mounting over the financial stability of C2C following reported losses of between £10m to £20m this year.

With projections for next year looking worse, it begs the question, what does the future hold for the C2C Trenitalia franchise. Most of all, what does this mean for you, our members not just passengers?

Planned Changes for 2020

On 18 July at a meeting with your company council reps it was first announced the company is operating against some serious financial losses. Passenger revenue has been in decline since 2016 and the apparent trend shows no signs of reversing. Fixed premium costs associated with the franchise is only compounding the problem, now, the company want to reduce costs. This has been the trigger for a frontline staffing review across stations.

Whilst, C2C placed some cards on the table setting out their financial challenges, they were less informative not revealing upfront their intended changes behind the stations review. The information was drip fed, patchy and in the absence of receiving their business case and methodology used in the stations review there are more questions than answers at this early stage. Despite this, it is apparent what C2C are intending to do in 2020.

Insufficient info and consultation

Your reps were given nothing but a breakdown of transactional data showing a range of ‘averages’ based solely upon single transactions (not issues) taken at ticket offices over a 3-month reference period. Alongside the ‘average’ no of ‘windows’ they believe were opened at varying times during same period, C2C is seeking to use as a means for proposing a reduction in opening hours and a removal of ‘first’ to ‘last’ operation at many stations. Ultimately, this means a reduction in staffing levels.

The data provided is incomplete and inaccurate failing to demonstrate any kind of ‘thorough’ review the company claim to have carried out. C2C told members they will open voluntary severance whilst giving welcomed assurances there will be no compulsory redundancies. However, this is taking place before our union has received a full business case proposing a reduction in headcount. It's too early to be clear about the impact this will have upon our members but, it’s not too early for this union to serve notice on Trenitalia that, we will not simply sit back and allow them to play fast and loose with your jobs.

What happens now?

At a subsequent meeting held in last couple of days your TSSA reps challenged C2C over the unsatisfactory data they provided, made clear our union’s disapproval over the company’s poor attempt at consultation and it was made piercingly clear that, in the absence of receiving essential information requested, consultation has yet to formally begin. All transactional data was asked to be withdrawn and upon receiving the business case a ‘principles’ meeting has been requested to discuss the terms of C2C’s proposals.

In the meantime…

Please make time to speak with your company council reps ensuring you also seek advice from your union over any matters arising from this stations staff review. The number for TSSA’s (members only) helpdesk is shown below.

As always, you will be kept informed of any developments but there’s one thing you need to do, check your membership details are up to date. Do you know if we hold your up-to-date membership details? Have you moved home, changed jobs or location, changed your email address and/or mobile number?

· Check and update your membership details on TSSA’s website at MyTSSA

· Pass this circular on to your work colleagues

· Is your colleague a non-union member? Ask them to join TSSA online at

· Speak with your elected company council reps to ensure your views are known and get up-to date info from either:

Billie Soule - Adrian Forrest –

· TSSA members can contact our freephone helpdesk on 0800 328 2673 or email enquiries

Finally, please remember to check we have your correct details held on file so we can keep you informed of any further developments.


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