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Calmac and TSSA Agree Ban on Zero Hours Contracts

7 August 2015

Calmac Ferries and the TSSA rail and transport union have agreed a deal which bans zero hour contracts at the ferry firm in the future.

 It was welcomed by union general secretary Manuel Cortes who said:

"This sends out a clear message that CalMac is a progressive employer who wants to engage with a committed workforce who will not have to ever worry about the scourge of the modern labour market, the insecurity of the zero hour contract."

Leanne Taylor, ER Business Partner at the David MacBrayne group, added:

“Over the last couple of years a rise in the use of zero hours contracts have seen them become a focus of much attention in Scotland and across the UK. Workers on zero hours contracts have no guaranteed hours and, as a result, have very little job security.

We felt that it was important for the David MacBrayne group, in conjunction with the TSSA union, to clarify that our organisation does not currently employ anyone on a zero hours contract.

We also want to confirm that we have no intention of doing so in the future.

We believe that by not using zero hours contract we bring several business benefits including:

  • A more committed and stable workforce resulting in lower staff turnover, leading to lower recruitment expenses.
  • More attentive and safety conscious staff with lower accident and injury rates.
  • A better reputation as a fair and progressive employer.

All of these benefits add up to making us a stronger group and brand.”

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