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Caledonian Sleeper fine "peanuts" compared to their multi million pound taxpayer handout

14 May 2019

TSSA today condemned Serco after the Caledonian Sleeper service was fined £177,000 for failing 15 out of 21 quality standards. The news came just one week after it was revealed that Serco had been given £110million of taxpayers’ cash towards the cost of their new trains.

Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary, said, “Serco must be laughing all the way to the bank at this fine. It’s peanuts compared to the multi-million-pound handout they got from the taxpayer for their new trains!

“Of course, Serco immediately claimed the new trains will solve everything but that simply ain’t true. New trains won’t fix the terrible state of the waiting rooms – or replace the broken lightbulbs!

“This just demonstrates the nonsense of the Tories’ franchise system. Privateers like Serco get away with siphoning off money to line shareholders’ pockets, whilst the taxpayer continues to pay through the nose for substandard service.

“The only solution that makes any sense is to bring the railways back into public ownership.”


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