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Calling all Workers and TSSA members in the Gatwick/Crawley Area

19 November 2012

So much is changing in the workplace, our pay and conditions are under attack, my manager is a bully! No one ever listens to us! If only we could all work together to improve our working lives, share experiences and perhaps even make some new friends in the local area?....the question is how?

We may already have the answer, The TSSA Union Branch!

The TSSA Gatwick Branch is the link between the TSSA members in the Gatwick, Crawley and Three Bridges area and is an opportunity for you to discuss workplace issues, meet TSSA Union representatives and organisers.

Currently there are 120 TSSA members within the area, with the growth of Gatwick Airport and the Network Rail Operations Centre and Depot at Three Bridges our membership will grow significantly. We are the forum for all our members in the transport and travel industry to converge and meet to discuss your issues in the area.

Please join us for the first ever Gatwick Area Branch meeting on Thursday 29th November for 17.00 hrs. at Three Bridges FC Social Club, The full address and a map are available in our first Gatwick Branch newsletter which you can download here:   Gatwick Branch Newsletter Nov 2012

Let’s give our Branch an Identity

The Branch is developing from our former Gatwick Express Branch and has now become a Branch that represents TSSA members in the area. TSSA Gatwick Branch sounds a little boring, so perhaps you can suggest a name that captures the identity of all the TSSA members from different workplaces in the area. If you come to the meeting with a suggestion which is adopted by the branch you can win a £25 M&S Voucher!

TSSA Organising our future – Non-members can now join TSSA online:

If all our members were to encourage just one colleague to join, our strength as a union will be doubled and we would be even stronger in facing an ever-changing climate at work.

Please speak to your colleagues and encourage them to join TSSA.

Join us


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