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CalMac Dispute - Outport Clerks

11 June 2013

TSSA has sought to dissuade CalMac from withdrawing terms and conditions from Outport Clerks worth up to an average of 25% of their annual salary and TSSA has constantly called for these proposals to be withdrawn in favour for a negotiated settlement agreed by both parties.

TSSA has led a successful political and media campaign which led to a cross-party motion in the Scottish Parliament expressing concern over CalMac’s attack on terms and conditions; signed by 43 MSP’s. TSSA has continuously called for meetings with CalMac management to sit down and discuss TSSA’s counter-proposals and stop misrepresenting TSSA’s position to their staff and others.
What has changed now?
CalMac has now finally agreed to sit down and meet with TSSA on the 24th of June 2013 in Glasgow.

What will happen now?

A meeting has been called with your representatives at TSSA Regional Offices in Glasgow before the 24th June. At this meeting the issues and any latest developments will be discussed and then a collective position will be formulated to present to CalMac’s management on the 24th June.

Can you afford to lose out?

What can you do?

  • Do not sign away any of your current terms and conditions!
  • Speak to your representatives make your views known
  • Alternatively email TSSA at with your views
  • Become a contact for TSSA, so you can help update you colleagues where you work, apply at:
  • Make sure your membership details are correct so you do not miss out on anything affecting your future:

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