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CalMac pensions threat

5 May 2015

The story so far…… 

For just under 3 years the CalMac ferry unions have been fighting to protect your terms and conditions and workplace pension fund under the auspices of the STUC (Scottish Trades Union Congress) as the SNP led Scottish Government looks to sell CalMac off to privateers.

At meeting after meeting, with the Scottish Transport minister, we have asked for a pensions working group to be set up to determine what needed to be done to protect workplace pensions prior to any privatisation of CalMac. Repeated promises by the Minister that meetings to discuss pensions would take place have proven to be empty.

The story today……

Transport Scotland have finally arranged meetings with the STUC and unions to discuss pensions but only after the process of privatising CalMac was well under way. The message from the Scottish Government is now apparent following a conference call by CalMac management to the ferry unions yesterday (30/05/15) during which we were told that the purpose of meetings will be “to consider proposals to reform pension benefits”.

TSSA sees this as a betrayal by the Scottish Government who have made it clear that unless the unions and CalMac workers agree to pensions reforms they will no longer continue to support the CalMac workplace pension fund after the expiry of the current contract in October 2016. It is fair to say that it is not even clear at this stage whether the Scottish Government will support any workplace pension going forward following their rush to privatise CalMac.

It is your pension, what are you going to do about it?

Your union has enclosed a referendum paper to gauge what action you would be willing to take part in in order to protect your pension going forward. TSSA members and their colleagues may well need to stand and fight alongside colleagues in RMT, Unite and Nautilus as a strong joint collective if we are to protect your pension. The TSSA feel badly let down by the Scottish Government and believe that we need to send a strong message that CalMac workers will not stand back and allow their pensions to be undermined by privateers whilst the politicians in Edinburgh turn a blind eye. For this reason we are recommending that you vote in this referendum and vote yes to support action that will send a clear message to the politicians and privateers alike.

Make a difference become a TSSA pension Rep!

Those TSSA members who are not within collective bargaining, in grades outside of shore based workers and reservation/contact staff; will be asked by the company to become workplace pension reps. TSSA would simply urge you to put yourself forward to be elected as a TSSA member workplace pension rep (CalMac management are content with this). This will give you direct access to all the meetings that take place on pensions, so you will know directly what is going on and can then disseminate this information to your colleagues. More importantly you will have the security, knowledge, training and support required from your union to allow you to perform this role effectively. Don’t leave it to others put your name forward now and become a workplace pensions rep!

Update your details now!

Please ensure your contact details are correct. We cannot update you or seek your opinion if we do not have your correct contact details. Please ensure we have your grade, workplace address, email and preferred phone number. You can update or make any changes by:

TSSA HelpDesk on freephone 0800 328 2673 My TSSA log on with this link:

You can also send details to email: or

Become a TSSA workplace rep or ULR (union learning rep)

Very shortly TSSA will be seeking new workplace and ULR’s for CalMac and you should get involved. With CalMac privatisation looming and with the uncertainty that this will bring, now more than ever you need to get involved as a workplace rep to help your friends and work colleagues by

· protecting your jobs and terms and conditions

· help safeguard your workplace pensions

· negotiating fair work/life balanced rosters

· paid release to attend Ports Committee meetings

· representing your fellow members

· making a real difference within your workplace

· publicising and promoting the benefits of learning and development and any specific learning opportunitiesand courses TSSA arranges

Successful candidates can be ensured that your union will provide

• full training and support

• paid release where appropriate

• confidence and security to perform the role

It has never been more important to belong to a union to protect jobs, terms & conditions. If you would like to join TSSA please go to



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