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Campaign calls for 'FarePayers' franchise' for Great Western

1 May 2012

TSSA and Together for Transport are working together to build a powerful coalition of trade unions, rail passengers, businesses and environmental groups in the South West aimed at agreeing a core set of standards for the next franchisee and then lobbying those in the bidding to adopt them.

Great Western

The new Great Western franchise due to be awarded later this year. Current train operator First is bidding against a number of other companies to win the new lucrative 15 year contract. With the Government looking to slash costs, we need popular support to demand the franchise doesn’t implement cuts to railway services and staff.

Already a number of partner organisations have come on board in preparation for a formal campaign launch in May.

The coalition’s core demands are as follows:

An affordable railway No increases in fares above inflation.
Stop the station car park rip-off. Don’t charge taxis to use station taxi ranks.

Local branches and suburban services
Protect current levels of local branch and suburban network provision and deliver investment to expand services.

Personal safety
Lower crime rates on stations and trains – improve passenger perception of personal security.

A  well-staffed railway
No cuts to railway staff. Preserve staffed ticket offices. A guard on every train; maintenance staff that ensure a safe and environmentally pleasant network.

A pleasant travelling experience
Clean and pleasant stations, a reliable service and a safe railway – and an end to overcrowding. Community grants for volunteer projects that improve station environments. No reductions to safety spending.

An accessible railway
Accessible stations and trains for older and disabled passengers and parents with small children and push-chairs. No reduction to the number of station stops. A disabled station assistant for everyone who requires one.

An integrated transport region
Commit to working with local councils and other providers of local public transport to move towards a joined up transport network. Support for and co-operation with integrated transport authorities where relevant.

An environmentally friendly railway
Commit to an eco-audit of the fleet and maintain and redevelop trains in a way that reduces CO2 emissions. Reduce carbon footprint of the entire franchise operation.

Take Action:
Do you live in the area covered by the Great Western franchise? Would you like to be involved in the campaign for a FarePayers’ Franchise? Email george@together to get involved

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