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Campaign to Save Baron House

9 May 2011

As you will be aware your reps and full time officials have been meeting with National Express to consult over the redundancy process. While it has been, and still remains, our intention to ensure that anyone facing redundancy at Baron House does so under the best possible terms, we still find the decision to award the East Coast contract to Intelenet unacceptable.

Not only is at a devastating blow to yourself, it is a devastating blow to the already struggling economy on Tyneside. We are further appalled to find that, despite what we have been told, from the jobs transferring to Intelenet 70% will be transferring to Mumbai India.

We have raised our concerns with the Newcastle MP’s who in turn have raised questions with Theresa Villiers, Department for Transport (DfT). Ms. Villiers has said that the decision to award the work to Intelenet was made on the basis that “The tendering process sought to reduce costs and deliver value for money for the tax payer, AND retain jobs in the UK.” How does closing Baron House, effectively placing almost 200 people out of work fit in with this statement?

We are aware that a number of companies who put in for the contract gave guarantees that the work would remain on Tyneside.

TSSA General Secretary, Gerry Doherty says it was not too late for the Minister to come up with a solution to keep the jobs on Tyneside.

"The Government subsidizes the private rail industry to the tune of £5 billion a year. It sets fares, timetables, franchises, even the length of the trains.

"Surely, it can broker a deal between National Express, which still holds two subsidized franchises, and East Coast, which it now actually owns, to keep these jobs where they belong, in the North East ".

Making our voices heard

On the 27th of May ourselves and the RMT will be looking to hold a public protest outside Baron House. We are also hopeful that the local MP’s will be joining us. The purpose will be to send a clear message to Government and East Coast that the decision to take the work from the North East and out of the UK is not acceptable. There is an alternative. Any members that are available to join us on the day are asked to contact the local reps or myself.

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