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Can we believe Transport Focus' latest survey results?

25 July 2017

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said responds to rail watchdog Transport Focus National Rail Passenger Survey which claims a slight increase in rail passenger satisfaction:

"Transport Focus have changed their methodology and in so doing seemed to have changed reality. I doubt passengers would recognise Transport Focus's new fantasy world of shiny, happy commuter satisfaction. Fares are up, delays are up and our members report passengers are more fed up than ever with the high prices they pay for the service they receive.

"But in the make believe world of our private railway, many journey times have been elongated so that trains 'appear' to get to their destination on time. Yet, even with this skullduggery, we still don't have a punctual railway. Time to give the fantasists a rest by implementing Jeremy Corbyn's policy of public ownership of our railways. No more tricks, no more rip off ticket prices and no more profits lining the pockets of greedy shareholders at our expense."

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