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Chancellor plays Fagin instead of Bill Sykes in Fares Robbery

28 November 2011

Rail fares will still rocket by more than 20% over the next three years despite the Chancellor curbing the January fares hike tomorrow, the TSSA warned today.

"Instead of mugging passengers and taking increases of 8.2%, Mr Osborne prefers to pick their pockets and take an averge 6.2% in January," said union leader Manuel Cortes.

"He thinks by playing Fagin instead of Bill Sykes, he can win some plaudits from hard pressed passengers. He's wrong, these increases will still mean real hardship for millions of families.

"And in the South East, the average means some eye watering fare increases of more than 10%, adding an extra £1,000 on long distance season tickets over the next three years."

He called on Ministers to scrap their planned RPI plus 3% increases in 2013 and 2014 and implement instead the Lib Dem manifesto pledge on fares-RPI minus 1% for the next four years.

"It is time for Nick Clegg to redeem his political reputation by actually implementing a Lib Dem policy rather than playing David Cameron's poodle all the time."

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