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Chiltern Railways - 2015 Pay Offer Accepted

15 June 2015

Your TSSA Reps have attended several meetings with the company to negotiate on your behalf for the 2015 pay claim. The company have now provided us with a final offer significantly above inflation, and as a result your TSSA Reps have accepted this deal on your behalf:

The TSSA set out a simple claim for a substantial above inflation increase in pay in order to recognise the positive performance of the company over the last few years, whilst ensuring our members standards of living could be improved above and beyond the current level of inflation.

Whilst our claim was simple, the company were clear that in order to achieve our aspirations they required some form of productivity of order to justify this.

As a result of this, with the other unions we have agreed some changes to depot grades which will not impact directly on our members but have allowed the company to present to us an offer which is substantially above the measure of inflation that was current when we commenced discussions (Feb RPI stood at 1%)

We have also agreed with the company that the joint trades union’s aspiration of bringing in agency staff on better and more secure terms should be pursued and as a result we have committed to discuss terms and conditions with a view to bringing the Engineering Cleaning Grade back in house.

The company have provided us with the final offer below, and as a result your TSSA Reps have accepted this deal on your behalf:

1) A one year pay deal for the 12 month period from 01st April 2015 to 31st March 2016 that incorporated an element of productivity improvement, the details of which were as follows:

a) Increase in basic salary and allowances* by 2.4% (Feb RPI (1.0%) + 1.4%)



b) Agreement that in the event of our success in opening a new maintenance depot at Banbury, skilled service staff will, in addition to the normal duties undertaken, be expected as part of their role to split, join and move trains within the confines of the shed. We agreed that this requirement would be limited to the Banbury depot only.


In addition, Chiltern have committed to work with the RMT, TSSA and UNITE to seek to agree, by 31st December 2015, a new set of terms and conditions that would be appropriate for an in-house engineering cleaning grade.

Next Steps

We have now formally accepted this offer on your behalf and we are informed that subject to cross union acceptance, the increase in pay and allowance (as well as back pay to 1 April) will be applied in the July pay date.

Encourage your colleagues to join

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