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Ballot CIE Cost Recovery Negotiations

25 February 2015

After consultation with members it has become clear that members wanted to reject the current proposals on cost recovery. We have reflected this view in our correspondence to the company.


However the company has continued with a communication strategy that seems to ignore the views of members and looks to try and get members to sign up to the cost recovery proposals outside of the current process.

We are very disappointed that the company is acting in this way. We will be sending out ballots to members shortly so we can clearly demonstrate to the company the views of members on this issue. This will give us a clear mandate from members on this issue that the company cannot ignore.

We would advise all members if asked to make changes to any of your current terms and conditions to not agree any changes until such time as we have concluded the ballot process. Through the ballot process members will decide democratically any proposed changes to terms and conditions.

The closing date for the ballot will be the 12th March

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