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3 February 2016

The TSSA has written to the company to seek urgent clarification on the plans of the company regarding the Salary and Pensions Department.


TSSA have become aware of the listing on the e-tenders website by CIÉ to go out to tender forthe provision of services for Pension Payroll, Processing & Payment and Administrative Services. This role is currently done by your Salary and Pensions Department.

The listing for tender as outlined on the website appears to reflect a significant threat to the job security of our members in that department.

Further we are also concerned that any potential outsourcing of this department will have a significant negative impact for staff and pensioners in the CIÉ group of companies that rely on this department. We do not see the requirement for CIÉ to look to outsource this department; it provides a knowledgeable and efficient service.

Outsourcing of the Salary and Pensions department would also seriously undermine the integrity of the CIÉ holding company, and the question has to be asked where would it stop?


We also have reminded CIÉ that it has a clear obligation to consult and notify the TSSA through the agreed procedures any proposed changes it would look to make.

We will update members on the response to our correspondence on this issue.

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