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C.I.E Welfare Scheme

18 September 2012

We have recently received a letter from C.I.E in which they state that they propose to amend the current system as of effect 1st January 2013. Any proposal to change the scheme will have an impact on members in all the C.I.E group of companies.

Below is the list of changes to the C.I.E Welfare Scheme as per a letter to all Unions.

No payments will be made for the first three days of certified illness

The rates of sickness benefit to be reduced to the following
• The first four (4) weeks will be paid at 70% of basic pay
• The next eight (8) weeks will be paid ay 60% of basic pay
• The next fourteen (14) weeks will be paid at 50% of basic pay
• Sickness benefit will cease on completion of twenty-six (26) weeks illness
• Sick bonus will not be included in the sickness benefit in the case of graded staff

The current waiting period of twenty-six (26) weeks following which members again become entitled to sickness benefit will increase to fifty-two (52) weeks

It has been the industrial practice that any changes to members terms and conditions would be via negotiation and agreement. This should continue to be the case and we are disappointed that C.I.E has taken this decision to attempt to arbitrarily impose amendments on the scheme.

We have recently concluded a ballot for cost containment in Iarnród Éireann. During negotiations for the cost containment deal commitments were clearly given that no further attacks on terms and conditions would occur. We fail to see how this proposal to change the welfare scheme meets those commitments.

When this issue was reverted back to C.I.E during negotiations with Bus Éireann and Dublin Bus it was with the understanding that it was to be dealt through negotiations. We will be holding C.I.E to this. It is simply outrageous that years of good industrial practice are being ignored by trying to impose these amendments without first negotiating with the unions.

All Unions will be meeting with the C.I.E. group Tuesday 2nd October 2012 on this issue.

We will keep members up dated on this issue going forward.


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