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CIE Group Welfare Scheme

27 February 2014

The TSSA along with the other unions meet with CIE and the subsidiary companies 26th February 2014. CIE called the meeting as it wished to propose changes to your welfare scheme.

The following are the proposals put forward by CIE



1, Payments to be made at 100% of basic pay for 13 weeks

2, Period following which full benefit will be restored to be increased from 26 weeks to 52 weeks


In the case of “critical illness” as defined and certified by the Chief Medical Officer payment of sickness benefit will be for a further 13 weeks i.e. a total of 26 weeks. In the case of salaried staff, payment will at the 100% rate. The period following which full benefit will be restored will be 52 weeks.

Your current entitlements under the scheme are:

1, a member who is unfit shall receive basic salary, less any benefits payable under the social welfare code, during the period of unfitness (certified and uncertified) not exceeding a continuous 26 weeks

TSSA along with the other unions made our position clear that it is our view that the welfare scheme makes up a core component of your conditions of service and is not something to be just handed away. We do not see the merits or fairness in the proposals from the CIE group that looks to punish workers if they are unfortunate to fall ill or get injured and it certainly does not take consideration of the nature of the transport industry that puts workers at the threat of injury and illness.

This proposal is a clear watering down of the welfare scheme that will see workers hit financially if they are unfortunate to fall ill or suffer an injury. Basically the proposal chops in half your rights and entitlements under the scheme. It is now becoming clear enough is enough! The constant chipping away at your terms and conditions needs to stop. It is just not acceptable that a scheme that was hard won in the past to protect workers when they are at their most vulnerable should be attacked.

TSSA pointed out that the employees of the various CIE group of companies have already made considerable contributions to financial savings via the various cost recovery programmes that are now in place. We believe that it is completely unfair and unreasonable to come and look for extra savings from the welfare scheme

TSSA will keep all members updated on this issue; TSSA will write to the CIE Group and inform them again of our position.










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