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Labour Court invitation: Iarnród Éireann

8 November 2017

We have received an invitation from the labour court to talks tomorrow (9/11/2017) on the Iarnród Éireann pay dispute.

 While we have accepted the invitation to attend, at this stage the upcoming dates for industrial action are still going ahead.

TSSA as a trade union has always been ready to engage in talks that are genuine and meaningful to find a resolution. We will attend the court in the hope that a way forward can be found. We hope also that the company recognises that it has its part to play and move from the intransigent position that any pay rise is based on attacking your terms and conditions and job security. The key to unlocking this dispute is by Iarnród Éireann making a genuine and proper pay offer.


We will update members if any progress can be made at the labour court.

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