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CLASS Labour Market Report - 'Dark and Stark' says CortesĀ 

25 February 2019

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes has described findings from the CLASS (Centre for Labour and Social Studies) thinktank on the state of the UK labour market as "dark and stark".

In its second annual report on the UK labour market CLASS found the cost of living gap is leading to longer working hours, stress and debt. It describes Britain as ‘more stressed and overworked than ever’ with ‘one in three workers unable to keep up with the basic cost of living’.

The report finds that many are turning to payday loans and other forms of credit and predicts this will increase with the onset of Brexit.

Cortes said: “This report is a dark and stark indictment of austerity and Brexit Britain under the Conservatives.

“CLASS is right to conclude that Britain’s labour market is broken. What we see today is a false Tory narrative of record unemployment and the reality of draconian benefit cuts which have ramped up the difficulties in paying bills and dealing with living expenses across the board.

“Only a government which cared nothing for millions of working people would spew such bile. The reality of the years since 2010 is of workers being treated as little more than products, with a fixation on profits and short-term thinking.

“The Britain of the 21st Century can be so much better than this. It’s astounding and disgraceful that this year FTSE 100 CEO bosses are paid on average 130 times their average employee!

“While the Brexit crisis unfolds these worsening living conditions are going unchecked and we are hemorraging jobs because of Brexit. The CLASS report is clear on that point - a quarter of British workers say Brexit will impact their own job.

“All of this shows why we need strong trade union voices sticking up for working people day in day out. We also desperately need a rethink on Brexit and a Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn who will put working people and their future first.”

You can read the full CLASS report here -

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