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Cloud cuckoo Grayling

10 January 2018

Responding to Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling's attack on rail unions this morning for Britain's shoddy rail services.

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

"Yawn, yawn. Tory Transport Secretary tries to smear rail unions for shoddy rail service. How off the rails is our Transport Secretary now running? Who does he think he can kid? Every rail passengers knows he is playing the propaganda cloud-cuckoo.

"Meanwhile, in the real world, as every commuter knows, there are huge problems with the service provided by Britain's rail companies - and every single one of then stems from the Department for Transport where their twenty-one year long experiment with privatisation at any cost has forced pain onto passengers by forcing through huge cuts on station and carriage staff numbers whilst services and passenger numbers are rapidly expanding and the huge profits made from over-inflated ticket prices are allowed by the Tory rail laws to bloat the bank accounts of private owners rather than be reinvested in the upgrading of our network."

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