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Clown Johnson As PM - No Laughing Matter

23 July 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has said Boris Johnson as Prime Minister is "no laughing matter for Britain", describing him as a "clown" and a "dangerous fool".

It’s been officially revealed that Johnson beat his rival, Jeremy Hunt, to the leadership in a ballot of Conservative members, taking 66 per cent of the votes – 92,153 - in the poll.

Manuel Cortes said: “The election of this clown as Tory leader is sadly no laughing matter for the people of our country.

“Johnson is a dangerous fool promising a hard-right No Deal Brexit which will heap economic disaster on top of the disaster austerity has already caused to the people of this country for nearly a decade.

“It’s absurd that a handful of Tory voters will make him Prime Minister – that is an affront to our democracy and even Tory MPs know it. Johnson already has a queue of Ministers ready to resign out of concern for what he will do in office.

“The Conservatives have now sunk lower than ever before and that is saying something. They have opted to put a fantasist and liar at the helm and as our union knows so well from his stint as London Mayor, one who promises much but delivers nothing.

“We need a general election now; we need to stop the calamity of a No Deal Brexit and we need a Labour Government under Jeremy Corbyn to put this country back on its feet.”

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