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Colas Rail Closure of Purley & Eastleigh Depots and the Reorganisation of the Career & Development Department

20 September 2016

Your TSSA representatives met with Colas Rail on the proposal to close the Eastleigh and Purley Depots and also with regard to the reorganisation of the Career & Development Department.


Purley & Eastleigh Depot Closures

Colas Rail states that Purley, due to the nature of the site, has become too expensive and inefficient to run. Therefore, they are proposing to relocate all support functions (IT & Safety) to Dacre House. They also propose to relocate the storage and location cabinet-assembly facility from both Purley and Eastleigh to the Wimbledon site; a site that they mothballed a few years ago, because it had become too expensive and inefficient to run!

Those employed by Rail Systems at Eastleigh will move to a UK mobile contract of employment, as presently they mainly go straight to site.

TSSA members should contact TSSA at if they are envisaging any problems as a result of this proposal, both in regard to travelling to the new proposed location of work and any proposed changes to contracts of employment.

Career & Development Department Reorganisation

This proposal will see changes to the organisation, including the introduction of a Senior Recruitment Manager and an Admin Support role, both to be based in Rugby. Furthermore, a Recruitment Manager and a Graduate & Apprentice Recruitment & Development Manager role will be introduced and these will be based in London. It is believed that this structure will support the business more effectively and will enable the development of Trainees and Graduates through employment schemes. It will also support the growth of Colas Rail work in the Midlands Area.

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