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Colas Rail Depot Reoganisation Plain Line

23 November 2015

TSSA recently met with Colas Rail to continue consultation around their proposal to close the current depots.


At the previous meeting Colas stated that they were centralising work to a new depot at Rainham. They have now informed us that the negotiations for the new depot have fallen through leaving them to look for similar premises in the same area. Your representatives are amazed that Colas Rail proposed moving to a new depot without first of all having agreed a lease for the premises.

TSSA questioned how the new organisation can proceed without a firm location. Colas Rail responded that they would temporally run the organisation on the new establishment from the existing depots which they insisted is feasible despite our protestations to the contrary.

TSSA also raised the issue of new terms & conditions with the new posts. The company stated that they were adamant that the new positions would be offered to employees with a proposed salary at the next one to one meetings. However, they accepted that the six new supervisory salary positions are under collective bargaining and there should be further negotiations with the trade unions on this matter.

The new terms reduce the current redundancy terms, sickness benefits and annual leave whilst increasing on call and weekend working. Anyone receiving one of these offers from the employer should seek definitive information of their new work location before and also carefully review the old and new terms and conditions to understand what any acceptance will mean for them.

Any members who have a problem should contact their representatives dealing with this consultation, namely Jason Shenow and Mark Margerison or Iain Anderson at

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