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Colas Rail Depot Reorganisation

3 December 2015

TSSA recently met again with Colas Rail to continue consultation around their proposal to close the current depots.


At that meeting we were given a update in regard to the proposal, currently they ae looking at two locations in the close proximity to Rainham, but as yet no agreement has been reached on the proposed location.

The formal consultation period will end on the 5th December 2015 at which point there will be further one to one meetings with those that want them. Colas Rail will expect employees to work their notice, employees are contractually obliged to do so, but they will look to be flexible if an individual is successful in gaining new employment.

In regard to the supervisors we believe that it was incredible that the exiting supervisors had not been successful in being appointed to the new roles. We also met to negotiate the new terms and conditions but the gap between the existing and the proposed is so big that we could not make any progress. Colas Rail have stated they are confident that they will fill the new roles by applying a salary that will compensate for the following differences:

· Loss of four days Annual Leave.

· Increase in weekly hours to 40.

· Increase in rostered weekends from 13 to 39.

· Loss of Night Enhancement.

· Loss of IUP payment.

· Loss of an hour payment each way when travelling to site.

· Rostered on Bank Holidays including Christmas etc.

The TSSA and Company Council doubt this and we believe that this will lead to a dramatic decrease in earnings. Therefore we would advise all members to give significant consideration to accepting the new roles.

The TSSA will inform you of any further developments.

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