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Colas Rail Docklands Light Railway TUPE transfer to Keolis/Amey Docklands

3 December 2014

There has been a final meeting with Colas Rail and KAD where TSSA sought clarification on outstanding issues – set out below are the responses given:


· Those employees in the Railway Pension Scheme that are not protected or do not have an indefeasible right will not be allowed to join the Amey Section of the RPS. They will, however, be invited to join the Amey Defined Contribution scheme. TSSA finds this response disappointing and there is an effect on three of the transferring employees. It was, however, in line with decisions on pensions with other TUPE transfers by Rail Infrastructure companies.

· Bridging loan forms were available for employees who wished to have loan of salary payment dates.

· The existing plant will be bought from Colas Rail by Transport for London and thus retained by the transferring group of employees.

· Agreement has been made that the transferring employees will remain in the short term at the same part of the depot as they are now, however because it is a short term measure it is unlikely that the new IT will be installed there.

This was the last of the consultation meetings.

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