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Colas Rail Plain Line Depot Reorganisation and Relocation

16 December 2015

TSSA recently met Colas Rail to continue consultation around their proposals to close depots.


Colas Rail could still not confirm where the new depot is going to be located and stated they are still in negotiations on two locations in close proximity to Rainham.

The formal consultation period ended on the 5th December 2015. Where one to one meetings have occurred, displaced employees have received their letters of notice of termination of employment. Colas Rail emphasised that they will expect employees to work their notice, subject to work loads, which may mean that in some cases there may be a possibility of lieu of notice payments.

The TSSA will inform you of any further developments.

They are still in discussion with employees from the Three Bridges depot and the move to Essex. Affected individuals may require representation.

There is major concern over the redundancy terms for Supervisors. Colas Rail do not believe that they are contractually entitled to the BR “Red Book” terms. The TSSA are taking this matter very seriously and we intend to seek legal advice. If any member has their current contract of employment TSSA would welcome a copy to assist our solicitors in forming a legal opinion.

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