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Colas Rail Rail Systems Division Reorganisation

30 August 2016

TSSA representatives had a further meeting with Colas Rail on the reorganisation of the Rail Systems Division.


Colas Rail informed us that some progress had been made following the one to one meetings between the company and the individuals concerned. Of the 32 positions fourteen individuals had been identified to follow their work or the company were confident of finding a position in the new part of the organisation.

TSSA has emphasised the following to Colas Rail:

· Colas Rail to endeavour to find all those displaced an opportunity within the Colas business.

· Colas Rail to contact outside parties enquiring whether they have any vacancies for those displaced.

· Displaced employees given an opportunity of retraining so that they can be successful

· in applying for a vacant position.

· Voluntary Redundancies to be enhanced.

The recent meeting was the second meeting of the 30 day consultation period.

There is a further meeting planned on the 7th September and the TSSA would welcome your views. Please contact me ( before the 7th September 2016 if you have any comments.

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