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Colas Rail: Reorganisation of Human Resources

23 November 2011

TSSA Company Council met Colas Rail to consult on their reorganisation proposals. Colas Rail explained that the main purpose of the reorganisation was the transfer of the Payroll Section from the Finance Section to the Human Resources Section.

The other reason for the reorganisation was to implement a two-tier structure to Human Resources which supports the various business sectors, and enhance in-house recruitment. TSSA questioned the reasoning behind the merger of Payroll and HR and we requested confirmation that Payroll input would remain a priority. Colas confirmed that the new section would have Payroll and the issuing of new contracts of employment would be a priority.

TSSA questioned whether the new jobs had been evaluated in regard to their increased responsibility. In response, Colas stated that they believed they were still in the correct bands. The company response on this issue, however, did not give me the confidence that a full evaluation had been made.

This reorganisation has an impact on the following groups of employees:


  • Removal of three HR Managers and a Talent Acquisition Advisor and Payroll Assistant part time.


  • Introduction of new roles, HR Manager Project & Rail Services, HR Advisor Project & Rail Services, Central Processing Manager, People Advisory Officer (x2), Recruiter, Researcher, Organisational Development Advisor and Training organiser.

TSSA expressed concern about the effect on current staff. In response, Colas emphasised that displaced employees would be made aware of all company vacancies throughout the process. All selection processes would be competency and interview based. TSSA reminded Colas of our PT&RR arrangements.

The result is a reduction of 4.5 positions, and an introduction of nine new posts.

Anyone who is disadvantaged as a result of this reorganisation or believes that their position in the new organisation has not been properly evaluated should contact the TSSA immediately for support and advice. The TSSA Helpdesk number is 0800 328 2673 and they should also contact their local representatives.

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