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Colas Rail: Reorganisation of Projects

21 November 2011

TSSA Company Council met Colas Rail to consult the reorganisation proposed by the company.

Colas Rail explained that although they have work for this group the New MAFA Framework in July 2012 will mean a down turn in work in the early part of 2012. They also stated that there was not a need for a specific role of welding inspector and that the need to tender was also reducing, however they were looking for more qualified S&T technicians. The TSSA argued that Colas should retain employees and maintain the level of employees for when the work starts in mid 2012, and that we did not want to see the replacement of these permanent employees with agency staff at that time. Colas were emphatic that they could and would not do this and that even after this reorganisation they were still running with a higher wage bill compared to their income for the whole of 2012. This has an impact on the following groups of employees:


  • Removal of Technical Author, Welding Inspector S&T grades 2 and 3, a reduction in S&T Project Engineers.


  • Introduction of new roles, a Buyer, a Resource Engineer< Senior Commercial Manager, Finance Assistant and four S&T grade 4 roles.

The TSSA stated it was concerned about the effect on current staff. Colas emphasised that displaced employees will be made aware of all Colas vacancies throughout the process. All selection process are to be competency based but the S&T Project Engineers would also have an interview for selection purposes, TSSA reminded Colas of our PT&RR arrangements.

The result is a reduction of eight positions, and an introduction of eight new posts unfortunately not all those that have been displaced have necessarily the skills to apply for the new positions.

Anyone who is disadvantaged as a result of this reorganisation should contact the TSSA immediately for support and advice. The TSSA Helpdesk number is 0800 328 2673 and they should contact also their local representatives.

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