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Colas Rail S&C Southern Alliance

15 January 2015

TSSA recently met Colas Rail to discuss the proposed alliance between, Colas Rail, URS and Network Rail.


The S&C contact for the South Area was awarded to Colas Rail in 2014.

During the meeting Colas Rail explained the reasons behind this proposal:

Ø To build a single organisation structure to deliver the contract over the next 10 years.

Ø Deliver efficiencies required by the ORR over CP5.

Ø Eliminate Network Rail, Colas Rail and URS working together as three separate entities but to work as an alliance with individuals remaining employed by their current employers, working as one cohesive and joined up team.

Ø It is not envisaged any reduction in headcount and there are possibilities of increased positions on this contract. Those appointed to new positions from the existing organisation will remain on the contract of their current employer.

TSSA have requested further information on this proposal:

Ø Has the proposal been safety validated?

Ø Who will new entrants work for?

Ø Was this known at the time of the TUPE transfer last summer and if so why was it not in the measures at that consultation?

TSSA will provide all members with further information.

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