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Colas Rail: TUPE transfer of Infrastructure Maintenance Isle of Wight to Island Line

18 November 2011

TSSA was recently informed by Colas Rail of its proposal to transfer its Isle of Wight infrastructure maintenance employees to Island Line. Part of the transfer process requires consultation to take place with representatives of the employees – the trade unions.


This meeting occurred with joint representation of Colas Rail and Island Line. A number of assurances were sought from Island Line following the transfer which will take place at 00.00 hours on the 1 January 2012, and below is the responses from the employer.


1) Employees will retain their existing terms and conditions.

2) Collective Bargaining representation will be retained with the trade unions on behalf of employees.

3) Policies and Procedures will be transferred to the Island Line procedures.

4) Transferring employees will be able to join the Island line section of the Railway Pension Fund and will be able to transfer past accumulated contributions if they wish.

5) There are no proposals to change the current structure or numbers of employees, but this group will now report to the Island line Trains Operations Manager.

5) BR protected employees transferring will retain their travel facilities and with those not protected will receive a SWT pass and ATOC card.

6) The same four weekly pay cycle will continue.

7) New PPE, mobile phones and vehicles will be provided to use on the first day of the transfer. The transferring employees will have use of the company Intranet.

8) The existing accommodation will be used after the transfer.

9) The transfer has been safety validated.


Representatives from South West Trains will meet transferring employees on a one to one basis before the date of transfer. Any members with any further questions should not hesitate to contact the TSSA helpdesk or their representatives on this matter.

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