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Colas Rail TUPE transfer to Network Rail of High Output employees

25 March 2015

TSSA has received a Measures letter in regard to the transfer of the High Output employees to Network Rail.


Set out below are the issues raised and responses given:

· Approximately 50% 0f the High Output Organisation will report into the National Supply Chain and approximately 50% into Infrastructure Projects.

· Network Rail will investigate the feasibility of moving any employees who are located in Amey/Colas buildings to Network Rail premises.

· Three employees in the Finance Team at Bristol will see their role of payroll processing work transfer to HR Shared Services at Manchester. Network Rail will consult with the employees concerned on what work they are willing and able to take on to replace their current payroll related work.

· Network Rail intends to carry out a review of the structure of the organisation and undertake appropriate consultation at the time.

· Network Rail will have further discussions in the future with the trade unions on aligning the annual pay review date.

· Following the transfer, Network Rail intends to appoint new entrants onto the role clarity contract for that equivalent to Network Rail bands 1-4 grades.

· Current employees will not be transferred from Colas Management contracts to Role Clarity contracts and will continue to offer standard Amey/Colas terms for operational grade employees post transfer.

· Employees will be required to complete a medical questionnaire which will be sent electronically.

· Network Rail does not provide Health Shield cover as an ex gratia benefit, but employees can purchase cover themselves and their subscriptions can be deducted through the payroll.

· In regard to the paying of employees, please see the following:

For those staff transferring from monthly pay to four-weekly pay, the following will apply:

From Colas

From Network Rail

On 27 Mar Paid up to 27 Mar

On 24 Apr Paid from 27 Mar-16


As a result of an individual expecting to be paid a month’s salary on 27 March but in fact will have received only 27 days’ pay, Network Rail will offer an advance of 5/31st of monthly salary and to help the transition to four-weekly pay will offer a further salary advance of two weeks’ pay. The advance which is interest free will be repayable in three equal instalments commencing May 2015.

For those transferring currently on four-weekly pay, Network Rail will pay one week in arrears whilst Colas Rail currently paying two weeks in arrears, the following will apply:

From Colas

From Network Rail

On 27 Mar Paid up to 13 Mar

On 24 Apr Paid from 27 Mar-

On 24 Apr Paid up to 27 Mar

16 April (three weeks)

Those with outstanding loans from Colas Rail will have them deducted from payments on 24th April from Colas Rail.

TSSA members with queries should contact the TSSA Helpdesk or their TSSA representative.

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