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Concern over Great Western Railways' bully boy tactics

13 March 2018

Following reports to TSSA of several breaches of employment practice – potentially discriminatory and unlawful, TSSA are conducting an investigation into Great Western Railway’s (GWR) attempts to boot staff out without due process.

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

“It’s not acceptable to call staff into rooms and force them to take under the table deals. What GWR are doing is tantamount to bullying. They are acting like the mafia. GWR has screwed-up and now want staff to pay with their own jobs for their mismanagement.

“The severance packages being forced upon staff are devoid of any fair process. This makes their actions potentially unlawful. We will not hesitate to any necessary action to protect our members. GWR may think this is the Wild West but it isn't. They must start behaving like a 21st Century employer!

“We will urgently be investigating the reports that have come through to us. I strongly urge any GWR staff to get in touch and let's also join forces to stand up to the Company's disgraceful bullying antics.

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