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Consulting - Dispute

27 October 2010

TSSA met with management on 26 October 2010 over the redundancy issue and early on in the meeting asked for a non-compulsory redundancy agreement which would mean that the company would have to re-deploy those staff who didn’t want to leave their job under voluntary redundancy (VR). Management refused.

As a consequence, we gave notified Amey Consulting that we now regard ourselves as in dispute over this matter and expect a suitable meeting to be arranged to discuss this development.

Until that happens, the redundancy consultation is put on hold.
In the event that there is no agreement at the dispute meeting, TSSA will move to a situation of balloting members for industrial action.

Why have we done this?

This is a serious development and we have not entered into this situation lightly:

- Like you, we are opposed to redundancies - that is why we have taken this stance. Having a no-compulsory redundancy agreement seeks to reduce the impact of reorganisations on our members and acknowledges the hard work that they have put into the organisation. Are you with us?
- The company has tried to justify the need for job losses but it doesn’t mean that we accept compulsory redundancies – people being forced to leave the business. Shouldn’t Amey protect their staff?
- Amey is a big company and appears to have plenty of alternative jobs so we want them to take more seriously the need to find members other posts and only release those people who want to be made voluntarily redundant. Isn’t this only fair?
- It is clear to us that there are likely to be further job losses that will affect our members as Network Rail’s financial position is squeezed by the government – cuts in Network Rail funding will find their way to the contractors like Amey Consulting. Could you be next?

We need to act now. If there is a ballot, only members will be involved – get your non-member colleagues to join TSSA today.

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